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Equipment Loans - Department of Biology

Equipment Loans - Department of Biology

Amount (£)


Fee payable for borrowing equipment from the Department of Biology. Please only pay this fee if you have confirmed the equipment loan with Julia Mackenzie.

If you have any queries please contact: [email protected]


Detailed Description

Conditions of borrowing equipment from the Department of Biology


  1. Equipment from the Department can only be borrowed by students of the University to support fieldwork or other activities linked to a specific Biology module as part of the University curriculum. It is not available for private use.

  2. All equipment borrowed from the Department of Biology remains the property of the Department.

  3. Full responsibility for maintaining the equipment being loaned in the condition at the beginning of the loan period rests with the borrower. The University will have sole discretion on ascertaining the condition the equipment is returned in.

  4. All equipment loans require the payment of a £25 deposit by the borrower. A single deposit may cover several small items of equipment, but where more valuable equipment is borrowed a larger deposit may be required. The value of the deposit is at the discretion of the University.

  5. The deposit will be refunded to the borrower subject to the equipment being returned in the original state and on time.

  6. All equipment borrowed for use during vacation periods must be returned by first day of the subsequent teaching semester, where it is required for teaching. Failure to make the return on time will result in forfeiture of the deposit payment.

  7. Equipment not required for teaching must be returned by an agreed date. Failure to return the equipment by the agreed date will result in the forfeiture of the deposit payment. The University reserves the right to charge the borrower an additional fee for late return of the equipment. The value of any additional charge is at the discretion of the University

  8. Where equipment is returned in a damaged state, an unusable condition or is otherwise not returned, the borrower will be liable for the full cost of the equipment (as new, at the price at the date of the loan end date). Any such requirement for payment will appear as a debt to the University on the student’s University finance record. If the borrower does not clear the debt then the usual University sanctions will apply in relation to non-disclosure of results and prevention of graduation.

  9. The borrower shall indemnify the University against all claims, demands, actions, and proceedings made or brought against the borrower for inappropriate use of the equipment when it has been used for activity not directly related to their study at the University

  10. By signing this agreement the Borrower agrees to abide by the above conditions for borrowing equipment from the University.




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